WJ Bennett have served Ruislip and the surrounding areas for many years and are highly experienced and capable of providing our customers with high quality work that will perfectly compliment their property. Here at WJ Bennett Windows, no job is too small. We also offer a wide range of more affordable glazing options.

We offer specialist fitting services to both the commercial and public sectors. So, whether you are looking to have energy saving, high performance windows fitted to your commercial premises or home, then WJ Bennett, with our years of experience in this field, is the clear choice.

Windows from WJ Bennett

We have researched and sourced a full range of systems comprising of 70mm casements, tilt and turn, pivot, fully reversible and vertical sliding windows.

WJ Bennett are able to provide our customers with a fully bespoke window fitting service, creating unique double glazed windows that are suited to the aesthetic of your property and made to meet your precise specifications.

Please note all of our windows can be supplied in any colour from the RAL colour standard, allowing you to choose from an extensive range of colours.

Accredited members of the energy saving endorsement scheme

As a supplier of energy saving windows we can provide energy rated windows with a grade A energy rating.

Window Types

There are many window types available. See here for information on the range we offer.

window types

Aluminium windows

The long lasting durability and strength of aluminium windows make them an ideal choice for domestic or commercial properties.

Sash Horn Windows

sash horned window, design and development of the product by Rehau.

Vertical Sliding Windows

The in-built tilt function allows for Rehau Heritage Vertical Sliding windows to be cleaned easily and safely.

French Windows

French windows meet all quality standards and maintain all of the benefits of the Rehau Tritec system.

Tilt And Turn Windows

Tilt & Turn windows open inwards and incorporate hidden gearing mechanisms for enhanced aesthetic appeal.

Fully Reversible Windows

Fully reversible windows are ideal for high-rise and commercial applications where safe cleaning is an issue.

RAL Coloured Windows

Available in any RAL colour using the Acryll II coating system. This provides a professional weather proof coating backed by a 10 year guarantee.

Security Windows

BS7950 is the current British Standard for windows of enhanced security and can be applied to casement and Tilt & Turn windows.

Energy Rated Windows

Designed for improved insulation, energy rated windows help to retain heat and lower your energy bills.


Glazing Options

There are also many different kinds of glass that can be used for your new double glazing.

glazing options

Low 'E' Glass

Low emissivity, or Low 'E' Glass, allows natural light into your home, but reflects unwanted UV radiation, preventing sun bleaching and reducing radiant heat. Low 'E' windows help to keep your house cool in summer, but warmer in winter.

Solar Control Glass

Reducing glare from the sun and increased control of indoor temperatures makes solar control glass an ideal solution for conservatories and other glass panelled structures.

Safety Glass

Less likely to break and shatter safety glass is often laminated to ensure that the glass poses less of a risk should it break.

Security Glass

Toughened security glass reduces the likelihood of the glass break and improves the security of your home, deterring break ins.

Leaded Glass

Leaded glass can incorporate intricate designs in order to enhance the appearance of windows or conservatories.

Self Cleaning Glass

A special coating appealed to self cleaning glass makes it difficult for dirt or grime to adhere to the surface. Self cleaning glass is an ideal solution for windows in hard to access places that would make cleaning difficult.

Bevelled Glass

Add some flair to doors or windows with bevelled glass. Unique and stunning designs can be achieved with bevelled glass that will make your property stand out.

Sound Proof Glass

Ideal for windows in noisy or built up areas, sound proof glass will help to reduce external street noise, perfect for bedroom windows.

Contact WJ Bennett for Double Glazing Installation

Our experts are on hand to offer customers advice and share their expertise, helping you to select the right windows for your property.

For further information about our full range of double glazing and window fitting services in Ruislip, Middlesex and the surrounding areas, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your queries.

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